Forests Monitoring in the Congo Basin

Forests Monitoring in the Congo Basin: Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo and Republic of Gabon.

Landcover and Landuse

Congo Rivers, Pro-Routes and Forest reserve of Patte d’oie – Brazzaville.


RAPAC sites, Field hunting and reserve of Bombo Lumene, Strategic assessment of biodiversity in DRC and Protected areas and Species

Land Planning

Botanical garden of Kinshasa, Botanical garden of Kisantu, University of Kinshasa, Municipality of N’djili and Municipality of Kimbanseke.

Capacity Building

Rehabilitation project ERAIFT, Data Management Tool “DMT / START”

Thematic mapping and Spatial data

Participatory mapping of the project “Mode de gestion des forêts communautaires”, UNFPA project, Localisation of intervention sites of PMURR, Inventory of geospatial data in Central Africa, Inventory of geospatial data in DR Congo.

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