Due to OSFAC’s significant experience in the area of cartography and remote sensing, it is common for OSFAC to receive requests for a wide variety of “other services”. Typically, these are services that do not directly fall into our primary activities, but are within our area of interest or expertise, such as installing cartography labs, carrying out surveys on available spatial data, creating methodologies for various data collection initiatives, working to build databases and establish monitoring protocols, etc.

OSFAC is happy to try and accommodate these individual requests and will work directly with requesting organizations to determine how we can contribute to any proposed project. If you would like more details on OSFAC’s capacity or to discuss a potential partnership with OSFAC, please contact us.

Examples of OSFAC projects and collaborations:

  • Printing

    On numerous occasions, OSFAC has been contacted to use our A0 printer to print high quality maps or posters. OSFAC is able to accommodate this request on a limited basis. Printing generally costs between $30-$50 per poster. For further information, please contact us.

  • Installation of cartographic lab at ERAIFT

    At the request of UNESCO, OSFAC designed and worked on the installation of a cartographic lab at the Ecole Régionale post-universitaire d’Aménagement et de Gesion Integrés des Forêts.

  • Mapping Africa for Africa (MAFA)

    In collaboration with UNECA, OSFAC was asked to participate in the Mapping Africa for Africa initiative. As a partner on this initiative OSFAC used regional focal points to conduct a survey of all known organizations and national institutions using spatial datasets. Information was collected on available geospatial datasets as well as applications.

  • Scientific trainings

    As part of our collaboration with the University of Kinshasa, OSFAC hosts month long practical exercises for students pursuing scientific degrees. These courses are taught in partnership with professors from the University. Approximately 100 students participate in these courses annually.

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