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OSFAC runs a competitive internship program in GIS and remote sensing, which accepts a limited number of both academic and professional interns. Interns are accepted in a revolving fashion based on the availability of positions and are based at the OSFAC GIS/RS lab at the University of Kinshasa. The length of internships is determined individually by OSFAC depending on the intern’s proposed objectives. All OSFAC internships are unpaid.

Academic internships

The majority of academic interns at OSFAC come from the University of Kinshasa, however senior undergraduates and masters or doctoral students (3 eme and 5 eme) from any university are welcome to apply for an academic internship. Academic interns are selected based on academic performance, references and a desire to incorporate geospatial data into their academic work or thesis. Student interns do not receive any financial compensation from OSFAC, however, they are able to use OSFAC equipment and software. They also receive personal instruction from OSFAC GIS/RS officers and instructors. Students are given the opportunity to gain practical experience by working with OSFAC on practical mapping exercises.

In order to request an application for an academic internship at OSFAC, students should contact us.

Sample student theses, completed at OSFAC:

  • Bazebosso N’Silulu, Civeon. 2005. Etude temporelle et spatiale de l’extension de la ville de Kananga.
  • Bongwele, Eddy. 2004. Etudes par télédétection des changements de couvert végétal dans la province de l’Equateur. Cas du territoire de Bumba.
  • Kambabu Kavira. 2005. Essai de cartographie de la forêt marécageuse du territoire du Boende.
  • Lola Amani, Patrick. 2005. Etudes préliminaires sur l’évaluation de la perte en sol sur la zone collinaire du Mont Amba par l’utilisation des modèles numériques de terrain et la résolution de l’équation de Wischmeier.
  • Mfuka Lumiku, Confiance. 2006. Etude comparative des QLQS méthodes d’interpolation (TIN, SPLINE et IDW) pour l’estimation de la topographie du site de l’Université de Kinshasa.
  • Makaka Mulebo, Norbert. 2006. Détection de l’évolution des superficies de la couverture végétale entre les années 2001 et 2005 a partir d’images satellitaires Landsat-ETM et ASTER VNIR dans la région de Kinshasa en RD Congo.

Professional internships

OSFAC runs a professional internship program for career individuals who would like to gain a high level of proficiency in image manipulation, GIS and basic remote sensing. Professional interns are selected based on their professional experience and their area of interest. Professional interns receive instruction from OSFAC instructors and work with OSFAC on a wide variety of mapping projects. They do not receive any financial compensation from OSFAC.

For additional details and to inquire about the possibility of pursuing a professional internship at OSFAC, please contact us.

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